Remember last month’s challenge to make this a great summer?  Since the season is about over for many of us, I want to challenge you to re-commit to the goal of having a fantastic summer.  There is still time to make it memorable and fun for you and your family.

Conner Prairie Balloon

Re-visit that list you created last month – how have you done?  If you can’t check off at least three of those items, then schedule one of them for THIS week.

If you put it off, it won’t happen – that’s just human nature.

Maybe you are rocking this challenge?  If so, congrats and let’s step it up a notch!  Add three more items and get to planning!  Make one of those three something really cool – a hot air balloon ride, camping outside in a tent in the backyard, a day at an amusement park.  Any other ideas?  Share in the comments, please!

Have a fantastic summer!

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