Tuesday Challenge – Drink More Water!

This week I’m actually repeating a challenge, but I think it’s super important this time of the year!water

I challenge you to drink more water.

It’s cold outside, and for me, I prefer warm drinks like coffee right now.  But, just because it’s cold doesn’t mean my body doesn’t need it’s water.  In fact, the cold weather can really dry you out and drinking plenty of water is like moisturizing yourself from the inside – it definitely helps.

[tweetherder]So, I challenge you to drink at least half your body weight in water everyday this week.  [/tweetherder]

Coffee doesn’t count (bummer), diet coke definitely doesn’t count – just water!

If you want to bump up the flavor, add a drop of Lemon, Lime, Orange, Citrus Fresh or Peppermint oil to your water.  Just be sure you use an oil that is safe to consume (I prefer Young Living), and you use glass versus plastic as the oil can react dangerously with the plastic.

My plan is to get out my trusty glass water bottle (pictured above) and fill it up twice a day.  If I add that to my morning warm water with lemon and cayenne I’ll hit my goal.

Interested in more info as to why (and how) to drink water?

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