Are you a fan of eggs?  Or are you still scared to enjoy them thanks to the old belief that they raised cholesterol?eggs

Eggs are a perfect breakfast food.  They are filling, full of protein and vitamin D.  One egg in the morning is NOT going to be an issue for your cholesterol level, but it IS going to help keep you full until lunchtime.

This week I challenge you to enjoy eggs for breakfast two or three times!

My favorite way to prepare eggs for breakfast is a veggie omelet – I can load up on the veggies (very healthy) and get by with just one egg.

Other great options are scrambled, hard or even boiled.  Really there are so many ways to cook an egg it’s pretty hard to get tired of eating them.

The biggest question these days is which eggs to buy.  Some people believe all eggs are the same.  I fall into the group that feels a truly cage free (like running around in the yard) chicken produces the best egg.  Not only does it feel like it would be better (I like to think of the chickens as behaving like – and eating – what chickens should), but you can actually SEE the difference in the yolks.  The eggs I get from a local farm have a much darker yolk.  And the taste . . . so.much.better.  Even my husband (who is pretty skeptical) has to admit the local farm eggs are much tastier.

If you can, check out your local farms or farmers markets and try to find a source for eggs.  I use my beloved Green Bean Delivery – I get two dozen delivered right to my door every other week!  (Live in the Mid-West and interested in Green Bean? – shoot me a note and I’ll share my thoughts – and as a shameless plug, give them my name as your referral – we’ll both save 10%).   When you do talk to a farmer, here are a few good questions to ask:

  1. How are your chickens raised?  (hopefully they spend most of their day outside)
  2. What do they eat?  (if they are outside foraging they probably eat a lot of bugs and stuff they find, but if they are supplemented with feed, ensure it is chemical free).
  3. Are your chickens given any hormones, vitamins, pills, antibiotics, etc. (you want the answer to be NO).

If I’m traveling and don’t have a good egg source, I’ll just select the best version I can find in the grocery – typically it’s a cage free, organic egg of some sort.

Good luck with enjoying eggs this week – share in the comments YOUR favorite way to prepare them!

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