Tuesday Challenge – Exercise on Vacation!

Another week, another challenge! Pompano

Since it’s summer, you may have a vacation or two planned.  If that’s the case, [tweetherder]I challenge you to exercise at least three times while you are traveling![/tweetherder]

I’ve found that it is actually EASIER to exercise while on vacation and I tend to be more consistent about it – which is great as that can get you into the habit quickly – just keep it up when you return.


So your question may be, I’m on vacation, why on earth would I want to exercise?  I’ve got some good reasons for you:

  • You’ll have more energy!
  • It will help compensate for some of the less than stellar meals and drinks you are probably consuming (although check out this post for ways to help eat healthier on the road).
  • It will keep you consistent – it’s easier to continue doing something than to stop and then re-start.  So if you’ve been working out at home, missing a week might morph into two weeks, then three, etc.  (it’s happened to me before!)
  • It makes you feel GREAT!  And who doesn’t want to feel great on vacation?


My suggestion is do it first thing in the morning.  That way, it doesn’t matter where your day takes you, you can enjoy the rest of it without thinking about fitting a workout in.  What to do?  As much or as little as you like:

  • If your hotel or resort has a gym, use it.  Or maybe do laps in the hotel pool.
  • Take a walk or run – reward yourself with a cup of coffee or green smoothie afterwards!
  • Try out a local class – ask at the front desk or do an internet search for local gyms and see if they offer classes – they’ll probably let you try one out for a small fee
  • Bring along a DVD and just exercise in your room.  I typically bring my favorite quick yoga DVD and a travel mat if I’ll be gone for more than a few days.
  • Plan an active day.  Check out local hiking trails or rent a bicycle for the day – fun AND a good workout!

Make your workout a regular part of your vacation routine and who knows, you might even LOSE a few pounds versus gaining!

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