Now that the busy holiday season is beginning (with several November Birthdays it starts with Halloween for us!), time to exercise gets more and more valuable.  Not to mention all the extra holiday calories you are consuming.Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail

Did you know that the average American gains 3 to 6 pounds from October 31st until January 1st?  Crazy right?

So how can you combat that weight gain while still enjoying yourself?

[tweetherder]This week I challenge you to fit in extra bits of exercise this holiday season.[/tweetherder]

Now this isn’t an excuse to quit your regular exercise sessions, but it IS a way to help you fight the extra calories from holiday cookies and meals.

How to go about it?  Simple – just find ANY excuse to burn a few extra calories a day.  For example:

  • Park far away from the mall or office entrance.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator – both up and down
  • Have five minutes until your next meeting?  Walk the hallways – or even out to your mailbox and around the house and back.
  • Use commercial breaks to march in place or jog up and down your stairs.

You get the idea – basically try to add extra activity to your day EVERY day.

What are you going to do this week to burn some extra calories?  Share in the comments – I’d love to hear some more creative ideas!

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