We are back on relationships for this week’s challenge.  Hopefully you’ve booked (and enjoyed) that massage from last weekchocolate chip pancakes

As a Health Coach, I’m obviously a firm believer in exercising frequently and eating fresh, nutritious foods.  However, if you want to feel terrific, happy and satisfied with your life, it’s just as important to pay attention to your personal relationships as well as your spiritual life.

Today we are focusing on relationships – specifically enjoying a date night this week!

Pretty simple challenge – [tweetherder]plan a date for later this week[/tweetherder].  Don’t have a significant other?  Then plan a date for YOURSELF!  Think about what YOU would enjoy doing and plan an evening doing just that.

Don’t fall into the typical “dinner out” date either.  If you do plan on eating as part of your date night, how about trying a different cuisine?  Or a new up and coming restaurant?  Make it something special.  Or forget dinner altogether and do something fun – miniature golf, bowling, a painting or cooking class – and then top the night off with a drink or coffee and dessert.

Get that calendar out right now and block out some time for later this week – you’ll be glad you took the time!  Share in the comments what you plan to do – let’s give each other some great new ideas!

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