This week I challenge you to begin to make this month of holidays special for your family and friends.Christmas

You can begin small, but I’d love to see you do something that could even become an annual tradition, so I encourage you to think long-term – after all you still have several weeks before Christmas!

Some ideas:

1.  Bring a friend a coffee and muffin to work or some healthy treats for an evening snack.

2.  Begin a family tradition (here are a few ideas).

3.  Focus on family versus commercialism – encourage your kids to do the same.

4.  Help someone else – preferably as a family.

5.  Host a Christmas party – dinner too much?  How about brunch or drinks and appetizers?

What are you going to do to make this a special month?  Please share in the comments – it’ll spark ideas for all of us!

Just a few more days until the New Year is upon us – make this year the year you create a happier, healthier life

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