Tuesday Challenge – Plan now for weather changes!

Guess what?  Boyne

Winter is coming.

We can’t change that, BUT we can be ready for it this year.  Instead of waking up to a morning that is too cold to go for a run or bike ride, how about THIS year, you are ready with an alternate workout plan!

[tweetherder]No excuses if you plan ahead of time![/tweetherder]

Winter is the PERFECT time to try something new.  Check out this blog post for some winter workout ideas. Or consider joining a gym for the winter (or the YMCA), picking up a few new exercise videos, or signing up for a dance class or even boot camp. Sit down and make a list of FIVE workouts you can do this winter regardless of the weather.

[tweetherder]This week’s challenge is to create a winter workout plan![/tweetherder]

Once your list is complete, when you wake up one morning to a mountain of snow outside your house, you are ready to stay active and on top of your daily exercising!  You will feel GREAT about yourself!

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