I talk a lot on this blog about goal setting (how to set goals session 1, and session 2) and it’s for a very good reason.

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Reach your goals!

Setting goals is the first step towards accomplishing what you want to accomplish in life.  Without goals, you are just randomly completing things throughout your day.  Ever have days like that?  Days you were super busy but at the end of the day couldn’t name anything in particular that you accomplished?  It happens to all of us, but setting goals (and keeping an eye on them) help you have fewer days like that and more days where you move towards your goals.

Hope that wasn’t too much rambling for a Tuesday morning!

[tweetherder]This week I challenge you to re-visit your New Year’s Goals[/tweetherder], dust them off, see how far you’ve come and figure out what you need to do to accomplish them by the end of the year.

Maybe some of them are done – yeah for you!!!  Maybe some of them no longer make sense – it’s okay to take them off the list.  Maybe due to changes in your life you need to add some new ones – you’ve still got four months in 2013, go ahead and add something new.

In the spirit of completing the weekly tasks, I’m sharing my list along with my commentary on how things are going . . .

Here is the original post, but below are just the goals:


  • Create and run a “get summer ready” group programdone!
  • Host at least four more local workshops – oops, dropped the ball there . . .
  • Put together a Jan-March free resource for the websitedone, get your copy HERE
  • Improve photography skills – haven’t done ANYTHING here yet, which begs me ask if I really want to do it or just feel like I SHOULD do it . . .
  • Take a copy writing course – signed up, but haven’t taken the course . . .
  • Stay “ahead” in blogging – plan blog posts out a month in advance, have blog posts written early in the weekdone!  Very successful at this one

Fitness/ Health:

  • Exercise 5x a week – pretty consistent except for a bit of slacking off in the summer (which is pretty typical for me)
  • Experiment in the kitchen – create a few more new recipes – did a LOT of this and have had a lot of fun with it – these are also my most popular posts so obviously I need to keep on it!
  • Read 6 health/ wellness books – getting there.  I REALLY enjoyed The Slow Down Diet, Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts, and Real Food has Curves.  You can find them all HERE or at your local library
  • Investigate vitamins/supplements – I have found an excellent probiotic and cod liver oil pill, haven’t done much else
  • Research essential oilsdone and am in love with Young Living Oils – they have been SO useful for our family this year and I just can’t share them enough with all my friends (sorry if you are all getting sick of me saying “I have an oil for that!”)


  • One on one “dates” with each kid every month – keeping up with this one!
  • At least six vacations or weekends away with the family – we’ve taken five and have one more long one planned for this year
  • Date night at least once a month – doing a decent job – getting a babysitter regularly is something I still need to do
  • Organize the house “drawer by drawer” – apparently I have no real interest in doing this as I’ve done two drawers . . .and only because my husband dumped them out on the family room floor!

So you can see that some of the goals were easy for me to complete, and some I struggled with.  So now I need to ask myself do I really need/ want to do that, or is it something I just feel I should be doing (like the photography one).  Maybe I can take it off the list?  Or maybe I can find another way to accomplish the end goal – hire a photographer, take a class instead of trying to figure it out on my own, ask a friend for help, etc.  Same with the monthly date night – since I seem to be haphazard about it, perhaps I need to find a babysitter and schedule her twice a month for the rest of the year.  Organizing the house “drawer by drawer” – feels so overwhelming, so I think I’ll change that to ONE room of the house.

I can also see that I can easily add a few new goals – there is plenty of time left and a big one for me is the January program I’m working on – that will go right under business goals as a new addition.

Hopefully this makes sense to you – I encourage you to dig out those goals, look through them and determine what changes you need to make to accomplish them in the next four months.

Need help with some common goals?  Saving time, getting healthy and being organized are goals I see ALL the time in my practice, and I have a few helpful resources for you:

  • Save time and money by menu planning – you can get a copy of my Menu Planning e-course HERE for less than $10 and solve the dinnertime dilemma
  • Start your mornings off the way that is best for YOU with my FREE 3 day e-course.  Get your copy HERE.
  • Need to lose those last few pounds?  Or just want to feel healthier and create a balanced life for yourself?  Check out my one-on-one health coaching program HERE  and we’ll create the healthy, happy life you deserve together!

I’d love to hear your thoughts – brag on what you’ve accomplished and share how you plan on finishing up the year strong!

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