Tuesday Challenge – Replace ONE chemical in your house

Ready for a fun and healthy Tuesday challenge?

This week, I want you to replace ONE chemical in your house with something natural.


We all want a healthier lifestyle, and most of us know that using all these chemicals in our cleaning and beauty products is unhealthy, but it seems so overwhelming to change!  Since I’m a firm believer in baby steps, I’m suggesting you just replace ONE this week.  Then, maybe in another week or two, you can replace another.  And so forth.  If you do this even once a month, by this time next year, you have eliminated TWELVE chemical laden products from your home.  Wow!

[tweetherder]Just one little change at a time can make a BIG difference![/tweetherder]


This is where it gets fun.  YOU PICK.  You can find a homemade recipe for a cleaning product (check back tomorrow for another lovely one), you can replace one of your make-up or beauty items with a natural version (or even a homemade version).  Even create a gift for someone using natural versus chemical products.  How about replacing your “fake flavored” water with lemon water?  Starting your garden?  Use compost instead of adding Miracle Grow!  The possibilities are endless, but don’t feel overwhelmed, feel empowered by taking one little step this week!

Share what you did in the comments – it will give us all GREAT ideas.

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