Tuesday Challenge – Set Some Goals!

It’s a new month, time to set some new goals!

This week’s challenge is to set a few goals for the month of March!blog 005


Taking the time to actually set some concrete goals is a great way to accomplish more in your life.   I’ve found that it is much easier to complete a project or just finish something you want to do if you’ve taken the time to sit down, think about what you want to do and then create a plan to do it.  And, there is a LOT to be said for making your goals public.  It’s amazing how much more I will finish each month if I’ve mentioned I’m going to do it here on the blog!  It’s a lot easier to make excuses if no one even knows of your plan.


This is super simple.  Take a piece of paper and five minutes and write down three or four things you’d like to accomplish for the month of March.  I’d recommend making one of them something you’ve been putting off for a while – some sort of nagging task, one a health goal (specific though – like exercise 3 days a week versus “exercise more”), and another one something business or family related (or both).  Start with just a few goals and work hard to accomplish them.  You’ll feel great about yourself for following through and you’ll be that much further along whatever path you are heading down!

Want to take this challenge to the next level?  Post your goals in the comments – it will give you that extra accountability you just may need!

Here are my March 2013 goals:

Work related:

  • Organize my office bookshelves – the cookbooks have gotten out of control!
  • Clean out filing cabinet
  • Write and submit one guest post
  • Start Get Ready for Summer Group program sign up- begin Mid March!
  • Have blog posts written one week ahead


  • Read 4 books
  • Try a new exercise class
  • Date Night and/or Weekend Away
  • Plan Fall Break vacation
  • Exercise 5-6x per week
  • One-on-one time with each child
  • Find new uses for Lemon Essential Oil (Interested in learning more about this oil with me? I’ll post my experiences throughout this month, and in the meantime you can pick up a bottle for yourself here – if you are interested in buying your oil ahead of time, next month I’m going to experiment with Lavender)

Do you need accountability in meeting your goals?  Don’t even know what your goals are or how to accomplish your healthy dreams?  Contact me and we’ll set up a thirty minute Health and Wellness Breakthrough session to discuss where you are in your quest for a healthy, happy life and how you can successfully get there!


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