It’s Tuesday, ready for a new challenge?  This week we are spicing up our exercise routine!

[tweetherder]Your challenge for the week is to try a new activity that counts as exercise.[/tweetherder]

Jogging on a bright November morning


It’s important to change-up your workouts on a regular basis.  Your amazing body will start to adapt to anything you’ve done for a while (remember how easy it is to do something now that was once upon a time REALLY hard?), so by mixing up your fitness routine you’ll challenge your body and probably get a better (and tougher) workout.  If you want to see results more quickly, don’t get in an exercise rut.

It’s also important to keep things fresh so you don’t get bored.  I noticed this happening to myself last Friday when I just didn’t feel like going to my weekly Pilates class.  I’ve been doing this class for years and I just didn’t feel like going anymore.  At that point I knew it was time to switch up the routine.


A great way to change your routine is to try something new (hence this week’s challenge).  A new fitness class, a new sport, even a new active hobby would all count.  A few fun ideas that are perfect for winter:

  • Got snow?  My favorite winter sports are downhill skiing and snowshoeing.  Both are TONS of fun and great exercise!
  • How about ice skating?  Look around for a local rink and take your kids out for the afternoon – they’ll love it and it will be good for you all!
  • Try a new fitness class at your local gym – something that you’ve thought looks interesting but never had the guts to try.  Worst case scenario you’ll hate it and never go back, right?  I’ve decided to check out a new Barre class next month (mix of Pilates, Yoga and Ballet Barre work).
  • Buy (or borrow from the library) a new fitness DVD – you can do it in the comfort of your own home!

Do you need help making sure exercise is a part of your daily routine?  Need to lose those last 5 or 10 pounds?  Contact me today for a free thirty minute goals breakthrough session and we’ll outline your goals and how to get the support you need to achieve them!

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