Do you ever wake up feeling stiff and sore?  This week’s challenge will help you fix that problem in no time!Yoga Mat

[tweetherder]This week I challenge you to stretch for five minutes every morning.[/tweetherder]

Are you already doing my other morning challenges?  This one and this one?  If so, adding five minutes of stretching should be pretty simple!  If not, why not get started on all three TODAY?  Total time is still less than ten minutes!


Most of us aren’t naturally flexible – and with the stress of everyday life, we tend to get even more tense and tight.  A little bit of stretching can go a long way.   If you start out with five minutes, you’ll find yourself relaxing and over time you’ll release enough tension and pain that you’ll easily make this a healthy, daily habit.

Stretching helps lengthen our muscles – which WILL help combat the natural tension and tightening we create in our daily sedentary lives.  Lengthening our muscles will also aid in full range of motion.

I know when I stop stretching on a regular basis, my back hurts, my shoulder hurts and I just feel “tight” overall.


Personally, I like yoga for stretching.  Starting my day with a few sun salutations is the perfect way to wake up my body and stretch ALL my muscles.  Plus it’s easy and can be done just about anywhere!  Need some tips?  Check out the following resources:

Not interested in yoga?  Simply stretch your shoulders, legs, triceps and waist.  That should do the trick!

If you want to take your stretching a bit further, I recommend the video below to everyone interested in trying out yoga – it’s a series of five 20 minutes sessions specifically created for mornings (and perfect for beginner to intermediate practices).   If you aren’t ready to buy it, check it out at your local library for a few weeks and see what you think.

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