Tuesday Tip – Start Each Day Off with 10/10/10

Doing a little more cardio? I hope last week gave you some inspiration to get moving!

This week I’d like to talk a bit about strength training.  Thursday we’ll delve into the “why’s,” but for today I’d like to share a quick tip that will help you EASILY increase your strength and tone your muscles.

2 to 3 minutes – you can do it!

If you aren’t already doing strength training several times a week (and I encourage that to be your eventual goal), start simple.  Make this a daily morning habit – as soon as you jump out of bed, complete the above 10/10/10 program.  It will take you about two or three minutes.  You can spare that, right?  Doing the 10/10/10 does a few things for you:

1.  Gets you in the right mindset (awake and a healthy start to the day).

2.  It will tone your arms, shoulders, chest, booty and abs – if you aren’t doing ANY strength training today, you will see some improvement just with these few exercises.

3.  You’ll often find yourself doing a bit more – once you finish 10 crunches, it’s pretty easy to do 10 more and then maybe 10 more, etc.  It seems pretty natural to add-on.

4.  It’s 2 to 3 minutes people!

Not sure how to perform these exercises?  They are tried and true basics – check out this link for a visual with proper form.

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