Tuesday Tip – Start your day off right!


Want to feel a little more relaxed throughout the day?  Make sure you start your day off with a few minutes of calm.

I know I HATE feeling rushed and panicked in the mornings, so even if I’m running late, I take a few minutes to relax.  I might shave something else off my normal morning routine, but I always end up getting it done later (or it just wasn’t something that really had to get done).  My motto is:  [tweetherder]Everything that MUST get done WILL get done.[/tweetherder]

Here is a timely example:

This morning I was running behind, so instead of panicking and yelling at everyone to hurry up, I just took something off my normal morning routine (today it was fixing my hair), sat down and cuddled my little guy for five minutes instead, and knew that I’d either wear it in a clip today or fix it later.  In the scheme of things, NOT a big deal.  I’d rather have had that relaxing five minutes with him than styled hair.  Definitely a better way to start the day!

So, next time you are feeling rushed, stop for a second and decide if you can replace something you feel you HAVE to do with something that will calm you down and make you feel happier.  Less stress will definitely lead to a happier, healthier you!



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