Sunflower fields in Indianapolis

Ultimate Guide to the BEST Sunflower Fields in Indianapolis (2024)

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I don’t know about you, but I keep seeing beautiful pictures of sunflower fields on social media and I decided I wanted to take some of my kids too! So, I went out in search of sunflower fields near me, and discovered that there are plenty of gorgeous sunflower fields in Indianapolis, and all of them had plenty of sunflowers near me!

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Sunflower field in Indiana at sunset

9 BEST Sunflower Fields in Indianapolis

With its sprawling farmlands and picturesque countryside, there is a delightful array of sunflower fields in Indiana that will leave you awe-inspired. Even in the city, there are plenty of options for finding fields of sunflowers. Whether you’re seeking a picturesque backdrop for a photo shoot, a peaceful escape into nature, or a memorable outing with family and friends, this guide will help you discover the most captivating sunflower fields near Indianapolis.

Note: some of the sunflower fields in this post aren’t in the city of Indianapolis, but are in a nearby suburb or small town.

1. Spencer Farm, Noblesville

Located in Noblesville, Indiana, Spencer Farm is the closest sunflower farm near me, as it’s one I drive by several times a week. For a small fee, you can walk through the 3.5 acres of sunflowers, take pictures, and even pick your own sunflowers to bring home (additional fee for cut flowers).

Spencer berry farm also has a sunflower field

In addition to the lovely sunflower field, Spencer Farm is also my favorite place to pick strawberries, AND they have their own winery and farm market. So, although the strawberries will be gone by the time the sunflowers are blooming, you can make an afternoon of it by visiting the market, exploring the sunflower fields, and enjoying a glass of wine at the winery.

Summer fun at its best!

Spencer Farm, 7177 E 161st Street, Noblesville, IN

2. Hillside Acres, Rossville

Just 20 minutes from Lafayette, Indiana, you’ll find Hillside Acres in Rossville. Hillside Acres has a 2.5-acre sunflower trail to enjoy. It should open in mid-August when the sunflowers begin blooming (call ahead of course).

Admission includes one cut sunflower (bring your own scissors and vase), as well as fun farm activities for the kids – note that not everything will be open yet, but there will still be plenty of fun things to do.

After an afternoon of visiting the sunflower field, head over to West Lafayette to indulge in one of the BEST restaurants in town like the Triple XXX!

Hillside Acres Family Farm, 9811 N County Rd 600 W Rossville, IN

Bouquet of sunflowers

3. Healthy Hoosier Oil Sunflower Field, Converse

Located in Converse, Indiana, this sunflower field is a true hidden gem. With its vast field of sunflowers stretching as far as the eye can see, it offers an incredible photo opportunity to get beautiful pics of sunflowers. The field is easily accessible, but the location changes every year! Stop by Rachel’s Taste of Indiana shop to get directions, and follow the Healthy Hoosier Oil Facebook page to see when the field is open.

Admission is free, and you can take as many pictures of sunflowers as you’d like, but they do request that you not pick any sunflowers.

We stumbled upon Converse a few years ago when exploring Miami County and fell in love with the small town. It’s a fun and easy afternoon trip from Indianapolis and well worth visiting on a Saturday when most of the businesses will be open.

Rachel’s Taste of Indiana Shop, 102 South Jefferson St. Converse, IN

4. Anderson Flower Farm, Frankfort

If you are looking for a unique and FUN family experience, head over to Anderson Flower Farm in Frankfort, Indiana. In addition to sunflowers (July-August), Anderson has a lovely variety of other gorgeous flowers to PICK!

When you arrive, the staff will show you how to cut and pick your flowers and then send you out to the field. Pricing is by the bucket (and they even have an affordable option for kids.) After you have selected your flowers, there is a spot you can work on arranging them – with tips from the staff if they are free!

Before you head to the farm to pick your flowers, check out the cute little town of Frankfort. What a fun way to spend a summer afternoon!

Anderson Flower Farm, 2284 W County Rd 300 South, Frankfort Indiana

Conner Prairie has one of the closest sunflower field near me

5. Conner Prairie Sunflower Field

Another place I recently found with a sunflower field near me is the sunflower field at Conner Prairie. As a huge fan of Conner Prairie, I was thrilled with this new addition!

Conner Prairie has three acres of sunflowers and the field features three varieties of sunflowers that are native to Indiana. I had the opportunity to check it out for the first time last year when I visited the Conner Prairie Habitat and it was beautiful!

So, if you are taking your family to Conner Prairie this summer/ early fall (and you absolutely should!), be sure to visit the sunflower field while you are there.

Conner Prairie, 13400 Allisonville Road, Fishers, IN

Although known for apples, Beasley's Orchard also has a sunflower field.

6. Beasley’s Orchard

Beasley’s Orchard in Danville might make you think of fall festivals and apple picking if you are a west-side Indy local, but they also have a wonderful sunflower field too!

In late July, Beasley’s opens its beautiful sunflower field for u-pick sunflowers. Plus, they have a sunflower festival the third weekend in July (I know I’ll be there if we are in town!).

The field is one of the largest sunflower fields in Indianapolis at 7 acres, and a per-person admission to the field comes with one sunflower, but of course, you can pick (and pay for) more.

Beasley’s Orchard is only about 15 minutes west of I465, so it’s quite convenient and easy to get to, and there are plenty of other fun things to do in the area, so you could easily make an entire day trip from Indy out of your visit!

And trust me, when you see all the fun things to do at Beasley’s Orchard, I suspect you’ll want to go back in the fall for apple picking!

Beasley’s Orchard, 2304 E. Main Street, Danville, IN

sunflower fields in Indiana

7. Tuttle Orchards

I love it when an “apple orchard” becomes so much more, which is exactly what Tuttle Orchards in Greenfield (just East of Indy) has done. Plus, this can easily be a wonderful day trip from Indianapolis with all the other fun things to do in Greenfield!

Not only do they have marvelous apple picking in the fall, but starting in August will have a beautiful wildflower field where you can pick your own bouquet for a similar price as you’d find at a floral shop.

When you plan your visit, be sure to check to see if they have any classes or other events at the same time. If my kids were still little, I would definitely be signing them up for the Play, Read & Grow sessions!

Note: Tuttle Orchards is closed on Sundays, so plan your trip accordingly.

Tuttle Orchards, 5717 N 300 West, Greenfield, IN

Sunflowers for sale

8. Stuckey Farm Orchard and Cider Mill

We’ve been going to Stuckey Farm in Sheridan, Indiana, for apple picking for years, so I was thrilled to see that they now allow you to pick sunflowers. That means more sunflower picking near me!

The farm kicks off its fall season with a sunflower festival over Labor Day, where you can visit the several acres of fields, take plenty of pictures of sunflowers and cut some to enjoy at home.

There are plenty of other activities at Stuckey Farm – especially for kids, and the farm market is wonderful. Be sure to pick up some of the amazing apple cider donuts to enjoy the next morning!

Stuckey Farm, 19975 Hamilton Boone Rd. Sheridan, IN

Sunflower fields near me

9. Wea Creek Orchard

Heading to the Lafayette area to visit Hillside Acres? You could also include a stop at Wea Creek Orchard. This wonderful spot for sunflowers in Indiana typically opens their fields around the 3rd weekend in July with their annual Sunflower Festival.

After the festival, the farm will be open Thursday – Sunday until October. Along with sunflowers you can enjoy fresh fruit, a farm market and soon lavender bees!

Wea Creek Orchard, 5618 South 200 East, Lafayette, IN

Indiana Sunflower Festivals

Several of these sunflower farms have sunflower festivals, which is a terrific way to get the most out of your visit.

If you live on the north side of Indianapolis, visit Stuckey Farm Orchard and Cider Mill over Labor Day weekend for the Indiana Sunflower Festival. Admission will be charged, but in addition to the sunflower fields, there will be vendors, food, and other fun activities. You can purchase tickets ahead of time with their new app – check the website to see how to download.

On the west side of Indianapolis, you can visit Beasley’s Orchard for the third weekend in July for its Indiana sunflower festival. Admission is charged, and it includes one cut sunflower stem. there will be plenty of additional farm produce to purchase and enjoy during the festival.

Buy a bucket of sunflowers at any of the Indiana sunflower fields

Map of Sunflower Fields Near Indianapolis

FAQs about Sunflower Farms in Indiana

When do sunflowers bloom in Indiana?

As with all flowers, sunflowers are weather-dependent, but typically sunflowers bloom in Indiana starting in mid-to-late July.

When is the sunflower season?

The Indiana sunflower season begins in mid-to-late July and lasts through early September. August is probably your prime month to visit sunflower fields in Indiana.

Are sunflowers native to Indiana?

There are several varieties of sunflowers native to Indiana.

Can I bring my pet to the sunflower field?

Maybe. Some of the sunflower farms do allow pets, but the majority do not. Your best bet is to call ahead or check the websites to ensure you know the latest pet policy.

What color should I wear to a sunflower field?

Asking yourself what color should I wear to a sunflower field? Consider fall colors that will contrast nicely with the sunflowers, but not take away from their beauty. Navy, white, brown, or even orange would look fantastic.

sunflower farm in Indiana

Conclusion: Best Sunflower Fields in Indianapolis

As we conclude our journey through the best sunflower fields in Indianapolis, I hope you’re feeling inspired and excited to explore these stunning locations. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor to the area, the sunflower fields near Indianapolis offer a wonderful experience that combines the beauty of nature with a touch of whimsy.

From the enchanting sunflower farm at Spencer Farm in Noblesville to the hidden gems scattered around the city, each sunflower field has its own unique charm and allure. I encourage you to grab your camera, gather your loved ones, and embark on a sunflower-filled adventure.

Remember to check the bloom times, opening hours, and any specific guidelines for each location before your visit. Be respectful of the flowers and the land, preserving the beauty for others to enjoy. And don’t forget to embrace the moment—feel the gentle breeze, bask in the warmth of the sun, and just enjoy your day among the flowers!

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I don't know about you, but I keep seeing beautiful pictures of sunflower fields on social media and I decided I wanted to take some of my kids too! So, I went out in search of sunflower fields near me, and discovered that there are plenty of gorgeous sunflower fields in Indianapolis!
I don't know about you, but I keep seeing beautiful pictures of sunflower fields on social media and I decided I wanted to take some of my kids too! So, I went out in search of sunflower fields near me, and discovered that there are plenty of gorgeous sunflower fields in Indianapolis!