Weekly Goals

Weekly Goals April 28 – May 4

Another week gone by!  Looks like this week  there will be lots of rain, so I’m hoping to take advantage and get a lot of inside cleaning/ projects done – so I can enjoy the warmer weather guilt free!

Last Week’s Goalsplanning


  • At least 2 hours education class done
  • April & May newsletters done
  • Spend 2 hours updating website – didn’t even get started . . .


  • Up by 6:30 Monday – Friday – only made it two days 
  • Stretch dailydone!
  • Tackle my most dreaded daily task FIRST each day – managed two days and those were the MOST productive days of the week!


  • Date nightdone, drinks and sushi!
  • Fun family outing Saturday


  • Back on track with cleaning schedule – pretty close, definitely an improvement over last week!
  • Work on office for an hour – done!
  • Photo book from Spring Break – uploaded the pictures, and that’s it . . .

This Week’s Goals


  • Complete 2 items from my master list each day
  • Two hours education
  • Schedule May blog posts and Social Media posts


  • Get up by 6:30 every day
  • Stretch daily (here is why this is so important!)
  • Take a break for lunch every day (and do something enjoyable)
  • Tackle my most dreaded task FIRST each day


  • Special time with each kid
  • Get prepared for May Birthdays


  • Spring Break Photo Book
  • Back on track with cleaning schedule

Notice how exercise isn’t on my list this week?  I’ve been so consistent with exercising daily that I thought I’d take it off – it’s not really a goal, it’s just part of the day.  Now if I could get the up at 6:30 to be like that . . .

What is your biggest goal for the week?  Anything fun planned?  If not, go get a piece of paper or your calendar and a cup of coffee and make things happen!

New month = a new oil!  In May we are going to delve deep into Inner Child.  I just got a bottle of it, and it smells wonderful!  I’m looking forward to learning more about it and all the benefits it will bring.  Get a bottle today and join me!


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