weekly goals

Weekly Goals February 24 – March 2

Maybe you noticed (or didn’t) that I didn’t have weekly goals or a menu plan last week?  Instead of the normal week, we took a fun long weekend ski trip – probably our last one of the season – so I’m just now getting back in the swing of things!  So, these goals are from two weeks ago: Weekly goals

Last Week’s Goals: 

Business Related

  • Complete four in-depth blog postsdone – and thank goodness with the ski trip!
  • Spend one hour brainstorming latest projectdone, I have a good outline in place – this one is super exciting!!!
  • Write and send out monthly newsletter done, need to be more consistent with this



  • Plan Summer Trip – almost done, booked two trips and have a plan in place for the third – just need to book it!
  • Do something special for Valentine’s Day for my family  – even though we spent half the day driving, I did make heart-shaped pancakes and was able to sneak homemade valentine’s in everyone’s lunch
  • A little “girl time” with my daughterdone, we had a fun Starbucks and library date!


  • Christmas Photo Album done!
  • De-clutter kid’s desk in my officedone, and since my son was home sick one day, he even used it to do math practice while I was working
  • Prepare for upcoming ski tripdone, WONDERFUL trip, well worth the stress of getting everything packed and ready!

This Week’s Goals:

Business Related

  • Create March & April Blog Schedule
  • Spend one hour on social media plan
  • Spend one hour on outline for up-coming group program


  • Run 3x (in addition to 2 regular exercise classes)
  • Up by 6:30 – this one really makes ALL the difference in my day!!!
  • Read two books – just picked up three great looking ones at the library


  • Christmas Break Vacation Photo Album
  • Plan a date night
  • One on one time with my son


  • Finish booking summer trips
  • Clean books in office, take load to Goodwill

So what are your goals for the week?  Anything you really need to get done?  I’ve found that writing these goals down and chipping away at a few each day is the best way to get them all accomplished.