Weekly Goals March 24 – 30

Another crazy week, but I didn’t do too badly . . .Weekly goals

Last Week’s Goals:

Business Related

  • Two hours education
  • Finish 4 blog posts
  • Guest Post – I WILL do this one this week!


      • Run 3x 
      • Up by 6:30 Monday – Friday – managed 4 days this week- which is a BIG improvement – and I was up by 7 the day I missed 6:30
      • Start spring cleanse – feeling great!
      • Read two booksbooks this week were good, but not great: The Wicked Girls: A Novel and Now, Discover Your Strengths


  • One on one with my sondone AND took my daughter to a movie so had a little date with her too!
  • Thank You cards – daughter’s B-daydone – she did the work, I just ensured she did it!
  • Notes in lunch boxes one day this weekdone!


  • Start packing for Spring Breakdone! still a lot to go
  • Files behind desk
  • One hour basement storage

This Week’s Goals:


  • Write 4 blog posts – trying to get ahead for vacation
  • Write guest post
  • Get caught up on email


  • Run 2x and take 2 classes
  • Get up by 6:30
  • Read 2 books


  • Pedicure with daughter (maybe at home, maybe out)
  • Volunteer at school for son’s class


  • Finish cleaning house
  • Packing/ organizing for Spring Break
  • Clean up office desk – it’s getting out of control again!

What are you goals?  Anything fun planned now that Spring is coming?  If not, why don’t you add at least one fun goal to your list?