Weekly Goals – May 5th – May 11th

Whew!  Last week was a blur of craziness – hopefully I can slow things down a bit this week.  Even with a busy week, I still accomplished quite a bit:

Last Week’s GoalsWeekly Goals


  • Complete 2 items from my master list each day – I did this most days, but not every – some days the “fires” just got me off course!
  • Two hours educationdone!
  • Schedule May blog posts and Social Media posts – got started, but my system crashed and I never got back to finish!


  • Get up by 6:30 every day3 out of 5 – and Friday was pathetic  . . .
  • Stretch daily (here is why this is so important!) – done, and felt GREAT!
  • Take a break for lunch every day (and do something enjoyable)I did a good job of this – most days I just ate lunch downstairs (instead of at my desk) and then read for fifteen minutes or something relaxing like that, but one day I actually left the house and ran a few errands.  Regardless of what I did, the days I took at least thirty minutes away from work were much more productive and enjoyable – I’ll definitely be keeping this practice up!
  • Tackle my most dreaded task FIRST each day – 4 out of 5 – and makes SUCH a difference in the day


  • Special time with each kidmy son and I did a craft together one night, and my daughter and I had a Starbuck’s date one evening
  • Get prepared for May Birthdaysdone, not that many so this was actually pretty easy 🙂


  • Spring Break Photo Book – downloaded pictures, so a start I guess!
  • Back on track with cleaning schedulepretty close again – definitely doing a better job of maintaining a “decent” house – with two busy kids I can’t expect perfection!

This Week’s Goals


  • Tackle my most dreaded task FIRST each day!
  • Complete 2 hours of education
  • Complete 2 items from my Master To Do list daily
  • May posts – social media posts



  • Plan something fun for the weekend
  • Have a Cinco de Mayo Celebration
  • Enjoy Frappucino “Happy Hour” with my kids one day for an after school surprise


  • Spend at least 2 hours cleaning the basement
  • Create something (photo book or collage) with the pictures from my daughter’s Birthday, finish Spring Break album
  • Go through kids upstairs bookshelves and edit as needed

What are your big goals for the week?  Interested in a few easy changes you can make to improve your health – check out my Small Changes= Big Results series (which continues this week) for ideas – it’s free and fun!  Pick a few and add them to your goal list!

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  1. I have found that tackling the worst task is very helpful as well. I loved “Eat That Frog” and all of the points he had to help with getting things done! 🙂 Enjoy the time with your kids during your “Happy Hour!”

    1. Thanks Jenny – I do love that book too. My daughter actually talked me into Starbucks after school this week, so with their half priced frappucino’s this week, we may even make it twice!

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