Do you set New Year’s Eve resolutions?  New Year New You

I don’t really buy into “resolutions” but I DO believe in goal setting.  So, I tend to set specific business and personal goals for the year.  I typically don’t do it on New Year’s Eve or Day, but just around this time of the year I spend a half hour or so thinking about what I want to accomplish for the following year.

Here is my method if you need a kick-start:  Goal Setting Session 1, Goal Setting Session 2

Some years I set a monthly “theme” and follow that, sometimes it’s an annual theme.  This year I plan on being very intentional about my business and focusing on one area at a time – I really want to kick things up a notch and generate some exciting and cool projects for YOU.

I’ll share my goals soon, but for now, I want to give you solutions and resources for some of the most common New Year’s Resolutions:

1.  Lose weight – this is a big one isn’t it?   Let’s face it, exercise is the cornerstones for accomplishing this goal.  Here are a few of my favorite blog posts on this topic:  Re-commit to exercise,  How do YOU remember to exercise?, and add squats!

2.  Have more time – yep, we ALL want this one.  One way to feel like you have more time is to get every day off to a great start.  So, please take a half an hour each day for the next three days and complete my FREE “Discover the perfect way to start your day” e-course.  You’ll get more accomplished (and enjoy it more) each morning which will increase your overall productivity and mood!

3.  Eat better – eating better makes you feel better, helps you lose weight and keeps you healthier.  In addition to the many healthy recipes I’ve posted, my latest program will teach you to become a healthy eater in just four weeks – check it out here – it starts next week so get yourself signed up NOW!

4.  Be happier – I really believe that if we can accomplish THIS one, the rest will fall right into line.  I often post about this – here are a few of my favorite posts:  start a gratitude journal, learn something new

5.  Improve relationships – goes right along with #4 – and typically only takes a little time and effort on your part to see big returns.  Some ideas:  traditions, relationship focus

6.  All of the above! If you’ve made it this far, you probably want to create changes in ALL these areas of your life.  And as a Certified Health Coach, that is EXACTLY what I do with my clients.  We focus on losing weight, eating better, becoming happier and building strong relationships – plus with my one-on-one attention we can zero in on the best solutions for YOU and YOUR life.  So if this is the year you want to make BIG changes, contact me for a free thirty minute breakthrough session and we’ll create the perfect program for YOU.  (Here is an example of what to expect when working with me.)

What are YOUR resolutions and how do you plan on achieving them?


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