What I read – favorites from August 2014

on a plane
Benefit of frequent travel – lots of reading time!

My favorites for the month were just as eclectic!


Years after everyone else, I finally got around to reading this book.  Of course, like almost everyone else I loved it.  So many great lessons to be found and an overall terrific reminder to be present in your life and keep reminding yourself to cherish and enjoy what is important and what you love every day!  My rating:  4 out of 5.

What a lovely book – both the content AND the pictures.  Myquillyn Smith, of The Nester fame, recently came out with this encouraging book – perfect for the woman who wants a beautiful but REAL home.  Terrific tips and suggestions along with reminders to ignore perfection and embrace life.   If you don’t follow her blog, you should – she has fabulous style and a wonderful outlook.  My rating 4 out of 5.


It feels like I read a lot of fiction this month, but looking back I guess most of it just wasn’t that memorable.  I did really enjoy the following two books:

A companion novel to The Giver (Giver Quartet) (which will be coming out as a movie soon), Gathering Blue introduces us to a new character, Kira, a young girl with a special gift considered very useful by the leaders of the society in which she lives, even though she herself is considered useless to the members of the society.  Although the book is considered Young Adult Fiction, it’s an engrossing read with much to think about – how we judge others and how we perceive our worth.  My rating 4 out of 5.

In this novel Harlen Coben brings his typical fun read – fast paced, a bit of mystery, some relationship issues and quite a bit of danger.  It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed his writing, but this was a good choice for a long flight – kept me entertained and able to ignore the bumpy ride!  Fairly predictable, but still fun.  My rating:  4 out of 5.

What were your favorite books from August?  Anything stand out as spectacular?  Although my “to-read” list seems never-ending, I feel like I could use another REALLY GREAT book to enjoy (like some of the ones I read in July) – so please, bring them on in the comments!

*There are affiliate links in this post – if you aren’t comfortable using them, please feel free to go directly to Amazon or do what I often do and check them out from the library!

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