What is Meditation? And why bother?

When we talk about relaxation, meditation often comes up.  But what exactly is meditation?  And why bother with it?

Here is the definition from Wikipedia:

“Meditation is a practice in which an individual trains the mind and/or induces a mode of consciousness to realize some benefit, although it can be argued meditation is a goal in and of itself.”

I’ve also seen it defined as a state of “thoughtless awareness.”

There are various forms of meditation, all the way from guided (listening to someone else speak) group or individual; to silent, individual meditation.

The benefits many people have found from meditation include:

  • lower stress levels
  • relaxation
  • increased personal / mental awareness
  • improved quality of life

Sounds good to me!

I have to admit that while I’ve dabbled in meditation, I just don’t have the patience to stick with it . . . my mind wanders through all of the things I still need/ want to do that day.  Which is probably exactly why I NEED meditation – to quiet my mind!

If meditation is something that interests you, here are some various resources to delve deeper into the subject:

The Chopra Center – this is a great site, and Deepak Chopra often offers free 21 day guided meditation sessions – I think it would be an excellent way to “try out” meditation – I just might join up for the next session myself!

Here is an interesting free meditation course.  It looks like it’s a ten day course with a 10 minute meditation each day.  If you are really interested in learning the history and more in-depth information on meditation, it would move you in that direction.

Even The Mayo Clinic recommends meditation!  Here is a short article from them on the benefits, and how to meditate.

From my research, I definitely see many reasons to pursue meditation and encourage you to investigate further if it feels like something you could benefit from.  Who knows, maybe I’ll give it another shot and have a follow up post next year sharing all my new experience!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on meditation in the comments.  Have you tried it?   What was it like for you?  Did you gain any benefits?

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