Yep, you read that right.  Spring CLEANSING, not cleaning.  What’s the difference and why is tea tree essential oil a part of this month’s theme?

When I think of spring cleaning, I think of scrubbing down the kitchen cabinets, washing the windows and all that other deep cleaning we don’t do each week.  That’s something we do need to do, but THIS May I want to go deeper.  Do more than just “clean up” the mess.  I’d like to create a deeper clean – a cleanse.  Hopefully one that can create lasting changes.  Lasting changes to our health, environment and life.

Although we WILL be cleaning, we’re going to do it in a healthier way and rid ourselves of some of the bad habits and products we’ve used in the past.  And we will do a lot more than clean our house.

Tea tree is the ideal oil to dive into this month.  It’s one of those oils that even “non-oily” people have heard about.  It’s perfect to use when making homemade cleaners, but it can also be used in your personal care routine.  Tea tree’s clean, crisp smell is especially terrific in fighting odors and freshening.

I use the Young Living brand of tea tree because it’s 100% pure, therapeutic grade tea tree leaf oil.

This month I’ll share some ideas around chemical free cleaning and WHY it’s good for your health.  We’ll also delve into cleansing foods, exercise and personal care.  Fun stuff!

Want a fun way to start cleaning with Tea Tree?  And hear a little more about the topic of Spring Cleansing?  Check out my recent Facebook Live!

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