What to pack for a day at Walt Disney World

What to Bring to Disney World

So what should you bring into Walt Disney World? Now that the kids are older and I don’t need to bring along all.the.stuff. I like to travel light when I visit. I can’t quite make it without carrying anything (I have a food allergy so have to have an EpiPen on hand), but I’ve pared it down to a small wristlet. So what should you pack to keep the weight down but still have everything you need?

What to pack for a day at Walt Disney World
Since I just have a wristlet on my arm, both hands are free!

The Basic Items to Bring to Disney World for the Day

For me, these include the must-haves:

  1. My EpiPen and a few Benedryl tabs.
  2. Advil
  3. Money, ID, one credit card, annual passholder card, DVC card, AAA card
  4. Cell phone
  5. Sunglasses
  6. Phone charger
  7. Reading glasses (a sad new addition …)
  8. 2021 Update – a mask. For now they are still required at all indoor locations.
The bare minimum to pack in your bag when visiting Walt Disney World

The Extra Items to Pack

These are the nice to have items, but I usually squeeze them in:

  1. Hair tie or clip
  2. A bandaid (although you can get these at first aid in each park).
  3. Pen
  4. A few essential oils (typically DiGize for stomach aches and Deep Relief for muscle pain)
  5. Hand sanitizer
  6. Chapstick
Everything you need to pack in your bag for a day at Walt Disney World

And that’s it, although I might transfer the DiGize to a tiny bottle and throw in a sunscreen stick if it’s a hot day. I use my cell phone as a camera (and it’s usually in my hand or back pocket). I’ve found it’s so freeing to be able to bring so little into the park and yet still have everything I might need throughout the day!

My favorite bag to use is a Vera Bradley Wristlet. They have a variety of patterns (someday I’m getting a Disney themed one) and last quite a long time.

If you prefer a backpack, the one I sometimes use (if we are trading pins, want to pack a few snacks or something like that and I need a little more room) is super lightweight and folds up into a little package for easy packing: Vera Bradley packable backpack

Packing light at Walt Disney World
Wristlet on my wrist and cell phone in my hand – ready for the day!

This is pretty similar to what I bring along when we go to Vegas, a show or any other place I don’t want to bring a big bag. PLUS, with such a small purse I no longer have to carry everyone else’s stuff! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve emptied my purse to find all kinds of odd things (bouncy balls, small toys, gum wrappers, headbands, jewelry, etc.) that aren’t mine!

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  1. This is a great list. We travel with little ones so we also carry a travel pack of wet wipes of some sort. Good for all kinds of messes. We even find that we adults need them at times.

  2. That’s cool to be able to travel so light. I need reading glasses these days too. I don’t always carry them as I use the light on my phone or my daughter can read very small print. It’s hard for me to not to bring my camera along.

    1. I can see where the camera would be tough to leave behind, but I just hate the weight if I’m out all day, so I get by with my phone. Dang reading glasses!

  3. Nice! And this is a very compact list! Great resource. I always like to carry as little as possible anywhere really! 🙂

  4. I prefer to keep my hands free, and I also bring my digital point and shoot camera, so I use a small cross-body camera bag and it fits all of my essentials into it. It has been EVERYWHERE with me. I’m pretty impressed that you are able to keep it all in that little wristlet.

  5. You did good if you got it down to a wristlet! We have food allergies too, but there’s 3 of us in our family with it, so I end up carrying a backpack with multiple EpiPens, Benadryl, and a water bottle or 2. I’m trying to teach my 11 yr old to carry his own EpiPen, so he’s used to it when he gets older and isn’t around me all the time! We also carry our YL essential oils! They have been a lifesaver at the parks various times. Great tips.

  6. Wow, you’re good. I still bring in my Disney JanSport backpack, but U guess it’s not jam-packed. I also still bring my Hyrdroflask in it. I know I can get free water, but the Hydroflask just keeps it so cold, and we go to Disney in the summer. I also still bring in Wet-ones. We like sticky snacks–lol. I throw in cheap ponchos and phone batteries, too. But my phone doesn’t hold a charge like it once did. We also still have the autograph book.

    1. Good idea on the moleskin – if there is a chance of rain we add those ponchos too – but I make everyone carry their own so I only have to squeeze one in.

  7. I hate packing and like to travel light, especially walking around all day. You hit all the essentials, and indeed the the Advil for a Disney, lol

  8. I forgot my charger the last time we were there. Not fun. Hand sanitizer is a big thing for me. This is a great list of things to bring into Walt Disney World.

  9. I gotta get better at this! I pack too light lol. Then wish I had xyz with me half way through the day!

  10. Good information, especially since this just might be the year that I take my 5 year old granddaughter to Disney! Bookmarking for future travel planning.

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