What’s YOUR excuse? Turn it around!

He-that-is-good-at-making-_-FranklinBy now, you are two weeks into achieving your spring into summer goals.  Have you made progress?  Or given up?

We often start a new program or regime excited and full of enthusiasm only to find our motivation and drive dying out after just a few weeks.  We start making excuses for not following through.  Sound familiar?

If you’ve given up or just been making excuses, STOP.  Don’t let the same old excuses be the reason you don’t meet your goals and don’t succeed this time.

Take those excuses and turn them into reasons for finishing your goals!

Huh?  Let me show you some examples:

“I’m too tired to exercise, prepare healthy food, etc.” becomes “If I exercise and prepare healthy food for myself I’ll have more energy to enjoy the rest of my day.”

“I don’t have the time to clean the house, I’m just too busy!” becomes “If I take a little time to clean now, it will save me time later since it will be easier to maintain an organized and clutter-free home.”

See how you do it?  I know it’s a bit of a head game, but it really does work.  Give it a try – it’s actually a bit addicting to come up with the positive spin on an excuse.  You may feel a little silly at first, but let’s get real, who doesn’t want a better outlook on life?

What’s YOUR excuse?  It would be fun if you share it in the comments along with how you turned it around.  Don’t know how to turn it around?  Share it below and let’s help each other!