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Tuesday I challenged you to eat berries 3x a week, and I know that although a great challenge, it might be a little expensive – particularly off-season.

I don’t want cost to be an issue, so today I’m sharing my best tips on buying berries.

1.  Buy the berry on sale.  Most weeks at least one type of berry is on sale.  Buy that one.  No, you won’t get the variety in one week, but over time you will!

Strawberries on sale this week!
Strawberries on sale this week!

2.  Buy frozen.  Berries are one of the best fruits to purchase frozen.  Some of them like blueberries taste great frozen as a snack.  Others work wonderfully in smoothies or desserts.  All of them tend to be more affordable frozen – especially during the off-season.

3.  Pick your own.  This is my favorite option for ensuring I have the tastiest berry throughout the winter.  We pick a LOT of berries each year when we visit my SIL and enjoy them all winter long.  Check out tomorrow’s post on how to successfully freeze them.   Don’t know where to find a U-pick farm?  Ask around or check out this site and enter your location:  Pick Your Own

4.  Farmer’s Market.  Go early for the best selection or late for the best prices.  Maybe you can make a deal with the farmer and get a discount by buying a bunch!  We’ve successfully done this with red peppers before (to create roasted red peppers for the freezer).

What about buying organic?

Eating organic is always preferrable as you’ll avoid the potential pesticide residue on your berries.  However, I know it can be expensive.  Strawberries are on the EWG’s current dirty dozen, so if you can, purchase organic strawberries.  If you just can’t afford it, make sure you wash the berries well, and still eat them – the benefits outweigh the negatives.

How do you afford to add berries to your diet?  I know we could all benefit from more ideas, so please share in the comments.

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