Why is it so important to get outside?

Did you meet your challenge for the week?  Spend a little quality time outside? Conner Prairie Aug12 010

I enjoyed kicking the soccer ball around with my son during my daughter’s soccer practice, walking with a friend, and a wonderful lunchtime walk one sunny afternoon!  What did you do?  Share in the comments, please.

I didn’t go into a lot of detail Tuesday as to why I asked you to get outside, but I did mention it would be good for your health and attitude.  I bet you’ve heard from your mom or dad as a kid “go outside, the fresh air is good for you.”  Perhaps you’ve even said it yourself.  I think intuitively we all understand there are benefits to soaking in fresh air and sunshine, but have you ever wondered why?

People who are outside for even a short period of time each day are more likely to get enough Vitamin D – Vitamin D helps out with bone strength and may even help reduce some forms of cancer.

The fresh air itself is also good for  you!  When you are inside an inclosed area for a long period of time, the air starts to get stale and has a higher concentration of carbon dioxide (that you or others have breathed out).  Fresh air gives you a nice steady supply of oxygen.

That fresh air also relaxes you – ever noticed how you’ll often feel refreshed after an outside walk or simply having a meal or reading outside?  That’s one of the wonderful effects of being outside – you just don’t get that same feeling from walking on a treadmill in the basement, do you?

There are definite benefits to taking your workout outside at least a few times a week, so I encourage you to continue this practice.  Why not make it a new family tradition to take a walk after dinner?  You’ll all benefit from the exercise, fresh air and quality conversation!


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  1. Great points, Pam.

    I can’t begin to express how much good even about 20 minutes outside everyday helps after I’ve been indoors working in front of a computer or “stuck inside” for a long time.

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