5 Reasons Why Local Breweries are the Best

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If you’ve followed me for any length of time (especially on Instagram), it’s pretty apparent that I’m a huge fan of local breweries. What’s funny is that aside from sours, I really don’t like beer … but if I’m going to drink a beer, you can bet I’m going to drink a local beer.

So what’s up with that?

Here are the top 5 reasons why I love local breweries and see if I can’t convince the other non-beer lovers out there to check them out too:

1. Food

In general, the food at local breweries is top-notch. Many of them have the same philosophy with food as they do with beer – keep it local when possible and make it tasty. When the brewery doesn’t have a kitchen, they often offer food trucks, and who doesn’t enjoy a good food truck?

Local brewery in Indianapolis, IN

2. Atmosphere

Comfortable seating, friendly bartenders and servers, and plenty of board games to play. A few of my favorites even offer outdoor games like cornhole or comfy sofa areas when you just want to enjoy a drink and relax. If you are lucky, they brew the beer on-site and you might get a chance to check out the process or learn a bit about their philosophy.

Playing pinball at local breweries is fun!

3. Fun

It seems like there is something going on most nights. Trivia, Bingo, Open Mic nights, even craft nights – we’ve enjoyed all of these at several of our local breweries. I’m a fan of not just going out to dinner but doing dinner WITH entertainment. A local brewery will have that covered.

Make a terranium at a local brewery

4. Drinks

I’ve only been to one local brewery that didn’t offer something for the non-beer drinker. Many times I’ll find a guest cider on tap, local spirits, or even a few wine selections. A few we’ve visited even brewed their own root beer. Talk about delicious – a few of those may have come home with us in growlers!

ciders are a nice option to beer

5. Support Local

It’s fun to support local businesses by drinking local beer. You know that when you do, you are helping people that live in the area, the money they make often goes right back into the town and it continues to perpetuate. Local businesses also add character to a town and make it unique.

Sun King - local brewery in Carmel, IN

I hope I’ve convinced you to give your local brewery a try. If you have a favorite, please leave it in the comments – we love to check them out when we travel for all the reasons I’ve listed above.

So who’s ready to drink local beer?

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Local Breweries are the Best