Why Strength Training Makes You Younger!

If you haven’t added strength training to your regular exercise routine, get ready for some amazing results!

Although you need cardio to burn calories and lose weight, strength training will give you a lot of extra, impressive benefits like:

1.  Tone your muscle – toned muscle looks leaner and more attractive

2.  Muscle mass automatically decreases as we age (which also increases the percentage of fat in our bodies) – strength training can help combat that loss.

3.  Increases bone density – very important way to keep our bones strong as we get older – less chance of fractures, brittleness, etc.

4.  Helps reduce risk of injury – strengthening your muscles can help protect your joints.

5. Burns calories – although it’s not a vigorous calorie burner like cardio, it burns more calories than sitting on the couch!

Not sure what to do?  You don’t have to lift super heavy weights at the gym to reap the benefits of strength training.  Use a simple pair of weights – or even your own body weight and pick up any fitness magazine out there to find a quick and easy routine.  Just make sure you work all of your muscles each week.  Two or three days a week is perfect for strength training.

One of the great things about strength training is that you will see results pretty quickly!  Especially the smaller muscles in your arms and shoulders – they shape up nicely after just a few weeks.  Quick results always help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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