Why you need to get your heart pumping!

We can’t talk about exercise this month without talking about cardio.

These days most of have very sedentary jobs – we just don’t move often enough, so we have to add that exercise consciously – our bodies were meant to move to stay in optimum health.  Just think about how you feel after sitting at your desk all day.  Not great, right?  Sore shoulders, headaches, tired – yet you didn’t really DO anything physical.

Ready for a nice, easy warmup!

Most experts recommend at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise (gets your heart rate pumping, but still allows you to hold a conversation) at least 5 days a week.  That could be walking, running, aerobics, biking, dancing, etc.

I’m sure you’ve heard that recommendation before, but maybe haven’t given much thought to WHY:

  • lose weight (many people just focus on this reason, but really it’s just a bonus in my book!)
  • reduced stress – exercise is a GREAT stress reliever – the more stressed you are, the more you need to fit in exercise
  • healthier heart
  • healthier lungs
  • better sleep
  • more energy – test it if you don’t believe it – next time you are tired, go for a 20 minute walk and see how you feel

So what counts as cardio?  It can be anything that gets your heart rate elevated for a period of time.   Walking works as well as running, so don’t feel like you have to go all out for simple health benefits.

We’ll continue to talk about types of exercise and how to incorporate it in your life the rest of this month, but for TODAY, if you aren’t regularly getting some form of cardio exercise, please try to go for a walk .  Make that a habit, and start gaining the benefits of regular exercise.

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