2019 Winter Book Reviews - all my favorites!

Winter Book Reviews

Are you looking for good books to read? I have done a fair amount of reading this winter – not as much as in previous years, but still a decent amount. I know many people who set a goal of reading x number of books in a year, but I’ve always been afraid that would take away the joy and relaxation for me. So, I just go through periods of reading a lot and times of reading a little less – regardless, I always have a few books going – just might take me longer to get through them during busy seasons of life. Here are my favorite books from my winter reading:

Non-Fiction Book Reviews

The Wellness Project was a book I just picked up at the library when I saw it on display and I’ve really enjoyed it. Reminiscent of The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, the author tackles one aspect of her health every month for a year. I love how at the end of each chapter, she shares a list of ideas for implementing some of these changes into her life. She’s also keen on not creating such a rigid routine in any area that she can’t enjoy life – which I feel is always a struggle when making lifestyle changes. There are recipes after each chapter which is a fun touch. My rating 4.5 out of 5.


I just finished Cilka’s Journey, and like The Tattooist of Auschwitz (the first book in this series), it was challenging, upsetting and hopeful all at the same time. Cilka entered Auschwitz as a 16-year old Jewish girl and endured years of abuse at that camp. When the camp was liberated, instead of being sent to freedom, she was taken to another camp in Siberia by the Russians and given a sentence of 15 years of hard labor, for being a spy and helper of the Germans. Unbelievable as she spent her years at Auschwitz just trying to survive. This book is her story of those years in Russia. Although fiction, Cilka was a real person and the author used the knowledge she had to try to make the story as realistic as possible. My rating 4.5 out of 5.

I had forgotten how much I enjoyed Harlen Coben’s books until I grabbed a copy of Home that I had picked up at a book sale to throw in my bag for a business trip. The fast-paced action and writing kept my attention through an airline delay, long flight, and longer layover. If you’ve read any of the Myron Bolitar books, Myron is back with his best friend Win to attempt to rescue two boys who had been kidnapped 10 years earlier. The ending was not what I expected, so don’t read ahead! My rating 4.5 out of 5.

Talk about a suspenseful read. The Last Child by John Hart kept me up later than I wanted several nights as I tried to race through to the end. Johnny is a 13-year-old boy who’s twin sister disappeared a year ago. Although his family has broken apart and his life has dramatically changed, Johnny hasn’t given up hope that he can still find her. So he searches. In the worst possible places with the worst possible people. What he uncovers is shocking and awful and the discovery along with the search changes him forever. Although dramatic and heartbreaking, this story is beautifully written and made me immediately search out other books by the same author. My rating 4.5 out of 5.

The Last Book Party was a definite deviation from the suspense books I’ve been reading lately but I enjoyed it nonetheless. A coming of age story of a young wannabe writer who leaves her job at a publishing company to work as an assistant to a famous writer on Cape Cod. Sometimes I felt myself cheering for her, and sometimes I felt like shaking her – but regardless, I definitely remembered being that age myself when reading her story. Both the lovely descriptions of life on Cape Cod (reading it during a cold Indiana winter made me long for summer beach days), and the interesting storyline kept me entranced throughout the book. My rating 4 out of 5.

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I just picked up a stack of new books at the library, so it’s time for the Spring reading to commence. I’m just waiting for the first day it’s warm enough to sit outside on the screened-in porch with a glass of wine and a great book.

What have you been reading lately?

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Are you looking for good books to read? Here are my favorite books from last winter. Check them out! #bestreads #ouradventureiseverywhere #bookstoread
Are you looking for good books to read? Here are my favorite books from last winter. Check them out! #bestreads #ouradventureiseverywhere #bookstoread