Winter Park Florida with Teens

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Next time you are visiting Disney World or Universal with your teenagers and need a theme park break, consider spending an afternoon in Winter Park Florida. Winter Park Florida with teens can be a lot of fun and a nice change of pace.

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Shopping on  Park Avenue is one of the many fun things to do in Winter Park Florida with teens.

9 Things to Do in Winter Park Florida with Teens – 2023

Teens can be challenging to travel with, right? I’ve found the trick is to keep them busy and try new things – you never know what they will end up loving!

1. Winter Park Farmers Market

If you happen to visit on a Saturday, you won’t be able to miss the Winter Park Farmers Market. Years ago we first discovered Winter Park by accident on Farmer’s Market day and we were hooked!

Every Saturday morning from 8 – 1 you can find the market at Central Park. There are dozens of vendors selling everything from vegetables to local art. It’s tons of fun to explore.

Winter Park Farmers Market, 200 W New England Street

Courtyard in Winter Park

2. Park Avenue

When most people think of Winter Park, they are probably thinking about Park Avenue. With charming brick streets, trees lining the streets, and plenty of adorable boutiques and local restaurants, it’s easy to lose an hour or two of shopping. Especially if your teens are girls who love to shop.

Be sure to head down a few of the alleys – we discovered some really charming patios and hidden shops when we explored off the main street.

Don't miss the boat tour in Winter Park Florida

3. Winter Park Scenic Boat Tour

This one is a must-see when you visit Winter Park. Every hour from 10 to 4 you can hop on a Winter Park Scenic boat tour. The tour is pretty cool and takes you through canals, lakes, and by gorgeous houses.

The tour has been around since 1938 – wow, right? Teens and adults alike will get a kick out of this Winter Park attraction!

Remember Mr. Rogers? In addition to a Winter Park Scenic Boat Tour, on this Viator tour you’ll get to learn about Mr. Rogers and his connection to Winter Park – check it out HERE!

4. Albin Polasek Museum & Sculpture Gardens

If your teen is interested in art, take them to the Albin Polasek Museum & Sculpture Gardens. You’ll get to tour Czech sculptor Albin Polasek’s home and get a look at over 200 of his works of art.

The museum is registered with the National Reg­is­ter of His­toric Places. Between the house and the gardens, it’s a lovely oasis in the middle of the city.

Albin Polasek Museum & Sculpture Gardens, 633 Osceola Parkway

5. Winter Park Historical Museum

The Winter Park Historical Museum frequently changes exhibits, so you can easily check them out more than once. It’s not open every day, so be sure to check the website before you visit.

Even if your teens are not the biggest history fans, I’ve found that a short break in the day to learn a little something can be good for them, and a small little museum like this one is an easy visit. If nothing else, it’ll give you another great topic of conversation.

Winter Park Historical Museum, 200 W New England Avenue

Central Park in Winter Park Florida

6. Central Park

You really can’t miss Central Park. It’s 11 acres right off of Park Avenue. There are several lovely fountains in the park and lots of space for picnics.

If you are lucky there will be some sort of event or concert going on while you visit. But, even if there isn’t it’s a lovely park to stroll or just sit on a bench with a coffee and people-watch.

Central Park, 251 S Park Avenue

Morse Museum of American Art

7. Morse Museum

Another great choice for teens that like art is the Morse Museum. Along with an impressive collection of American Art, the Morse Museum has the most comprehensive display in the world of works by Tiffany.

The museum is right on Park Avenue, so it’s an easy shopping break. Although my daughter and I can shop all day, I know the boys need to switch things up and this is an interesting place to do that.

Morse Museum, 445 N. Park Avenue

EXTRA IDEA: The ICONic City Tour of Orlando has excellent ratings on Viator and includes a boat cruise through the chain of lakes in Winter Park Florida. Plus, you’ll also get a drive through downtown Orlando, a stop at Disney Springs, and a ride on the ICON Orlando. Sounds like a fun day, and all the planning (and driving) will be done for you!

FAQs about Winter Park Florida

Is Winter Park Florida worth visiting?

If you aren’t a theme park fanatic, or just like to check out the local parts of town then you should definitely visit Winter Park. There are plenty of fun things to do and it will feel like a completely different Orlando vacation day.

What is the climate like during winter in Florida?

Florida enjoys beautiful weather most of the year. It can get a little chilly in the winter (but luckily only for a day or so here and there), and the weather can get very hot and humid in the summer.

temperatures in 
tampa Florida

Late fall and early spring would be the most comfortable times of the year for spending time in Winter Park Florida with teens, but as long as you are prepared for pop-up showers in the summer or cooler temps in the winter, you could enjoy visiting any time of the year.

Is Winter Park Florida nice?

Winter Park Florida is a lovely place to visit. The area feels very upscale but approachable. There is a wonderful variety of things to do, including local businesses and museums. It’s well worth a visit.

How far is Winter Park, Florida from Disney World?

If you have a car, you can drive there in about half an hour.

Winter Park Train Station

Things to do with Kids in Winter Park Florida

If your kids are quite teens yet, you can still enjoy most of the activities listed above, but you might also want to add a few more to your visit.

8. Winter Park Train Station

Have kids who like trains? Be sure to stop by the Winter Park Train Station. It’s a cute little train station (and also next to a parking lot with free 3-hour parking). The Amtrack trains come through frequently, so your train lovers will be sure to get to see one.

Winter Park Train Station, 148 W Morse Blvd

9. Koi Ponds

Remember how I mentioned all the cute little alleys tucked off of Park Avenue? One of them is home to a gorgeous restaurant (with a huge tree on the covered patio) and leading up to it are several little Koi Ponds.

Kids who enjoy fish and fountains will get a kick out of checking them out.

There are many Happy Hour choices in Winter Park Florida

Places to eat in Winter Park Florida

Finding restaurants in Winter Park Florida is challenging – only because there are so many to choose from! Another tip for selecting restaurants in Winter Park is to check out all the happy hours.

Almost every restaurant along Park Avenue has a great happy hour, so if you’ve spent a ton shopping in the boutiques, consider enjoying a happy hour to counteract it! It’s a welcome change from the super pricey drinks at Disney World and Universal.


Just walking by Prato will make you want to enter! With amazing pasta, a full bar, and delicious pizzas, it’s a perfect place to bring your kids. The atmosphere is upscale but since it’s Italian your teens are sure to love it.

Prato, 124 N Park Avenue

Christner’s Prime Steak & Lobster

If you enjoy an old-school steakhouse (think Ruth’s Chris but local), then you’ll love dinner at Christner’s. On a recent trip, we made the drive from Disney for dinner because we had our steak-loving son with us and we knew he’d appreciate the local vibe. Between our family and our friends, we tried quite a variety of food and it was all delicious. I can personally vouch for the wedge salad, and the filet mignon was a winner for the teens! They even have Beef Wellington if you enjoy that classic dish.

Christner’s Prime Steak & Lobster, 729 Lee Road, Orlando, FL


Very close to the Morse Museum, you’ll find the charming Boca. If you have a hankering for brunch-type food, Boca is the place to go. There is plenty of outdoor seating if the weather is nice, and you’ll find a nice variety of unique sandwiches and salads – but still teen-friendly food.

Boca, 358 N Park Avenue


Definitely stop in Kilwins for ice cream or fudge – you can even pick up chocolates or candy to take home. As huge Kilwins fans, we always make a trip to Kilwins for turtles or dark chocolate sea foam when we see one.

Kilwins, 122 N. Park Avenue

Related post: learn more about Kilwins and where you can tour their headquarters in this article.

Guacamole made fresh

Pepe’s Cantina

Although it’s not right on Park Avenue, a short walk away is Pepe’s Cantina. The outdoor seating is lovely (and there are even heaters if it’s a bit cool), and you’ll know the guacamole is super fresh – they make it tableside.

When we visited, after enjoying tacos and margaritas at Pepe’s, we checked out the little strip of shops – and even a local coffee shop.

Pepe’s Cantina, 433 W New England

Don’t want to pick a restaurant? Book this Flavors of Winter Park Foodies Tour and try a few!!!

Where is Winter Park Florida?

Just 5 miles north of downtown Orlando, Winter Park Florida is a about half-hour drive from the theme parks.

Winter Park on the map

Where to stay in Winter Park Florida with teens

Although it is a short drive from Disney or Universal, if you want to immerse yourself in Winter Park (and give your kids a pretty cool experience), check out The Park Plaza Hotel. It’s a small boutique hotel right on Park Avenue and many of the rooms have a covered balcony overlooking the street.

You can step right out your door to enjoy the best local restaurants, museums, and shops so it’s very convenient – definitely a memorable place to stay.

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Conclusion: Winter Park Florida with Teens

Next time you and your teens need a break from the hustle and bustle of the Orlando theme parks and typical tourist attractions, head over to Winter Park Florida to slow down and experience another side of the city.

From cute little museums, interesting historical boat tours, wonderful shopping and delicious local restaurants, Winter Park has something for everyone in your family – you and your teens will have a fantastic afternoon exploring this other side of Orlando.


Next time you are visiting Disney World or Universal with your teenagers and need a theme park break, consider spending an afternoon in Winter Park Florida. Winter Park Florida with teens can be a lot of fun and a nice change of pace. #shopping #florida #travelwithteens
Next time you are visiting Disney World or Universal with your teenagers and need a theme park break, consider spending an afternoon in Winter Park Florida. Winter Park Florida with teens can be a lot of fun and a nice change of pace. #shopping #florida #travelwithteens