Help for Busy Moms to Balance Family, Health and Work


Imagine giving your family, career and YOURSELF the attention they need, without burning the candle at both ends.  Imagine getting everything done without the extra stress.  You’re excited about getting up each morning, knowing that the day will bring fun and happiness.  I have so many ways to help you get there.

Whether you are looking for a quick jump start, a complete lifestyle overhaul or education about healthy  living, I’ve got just the solution for you.  Check out all the options below for my favorite ways to increase your happiness and health:

Looking for a quick win?  Then Make the Most of Every Day is a great place to start.  We’ll spend an hour or so talking on the phone – digging into your daily life and create a simple, easy to implement plan for you to start enjoying each day to the fullest.  After a few weeks of testing out the changes, we’ll get back together to see what works and make any needed tweaks.  In just a month or less you’ll find yourself enjoying each day more!  Learn more HERE

Looking to make some extra money?  Like the idea of deciding when and where you work?  Then Mystery Shopping might be a terrific part time job for you.  After just an hour online class you’ll be ready to schedule your first shop.  You can easily pay for this course after just 2 or 3 shops!   Make this the year you invest in yourself and enjoy this fun way to make a little spending money!

Get your friends together and improve your life!  Looking for a fun topic for your next club or organization meeting?  Have a group of like minded friends interested in learning about how to get healthier?  Then a group workshop is exactly what you need to look into.  Perfect for corporate lunch and learns, mom’s groups or just a unique girls night out!  We can do the workshops live or virtually and cover topics like healthy snacking, fitting in exercise, using essential oils, etc. Learn More HERE

Finally, don’t forget to get your FREE copy of “7 Ways to Become Healthier & Happier Today


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