Have you joined the Oil of the Month Club yet?  If not and you are the tiniest bit curious about essential oils, you really need to check it out (details HERE).  It’s the perfect way to easily learn about the many benefits of essential oils without feeling overwhelmed.

July’s oil is Purification.  I’ve already shared some basic info about it on the July Oil page (HERE), so this post is simply to give you some ideas on how to use it.  Once you join the Club, you’ll receive many more ideas as well as support and education from the Facebook group.



  • Rub purification on the outside of your throat if it’s sore
  • Dab purification on your pimples
  • Toenail fungus?  Put a few drops on the toe once or twice a day
  • Use it to sterilize cuts


  • Add to your laundry soap dispenser to help clean the machine during it’s next load
  • Drop some into your garbage disposal and run it for a few minutes (add ice too)
  • Use in a spray bottle with water to clean and disinfect bathroom counters

As you can see – this is one super useful oil to have on hand!  If you want your own bottle, you can order it HERE – the cost for retail customers is only $24.67 plus shipping and tax.  Each bottle contains over 300 drops, so it definitely lasts a LONG time!  If you want to buy it for less, consider becoming a distributer – you can join Young Living for as little as $40 and get a nice discount on any future oils (plus you’ll get a small bottle of Lavender and Peppermint too!).

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