It’s that time of the month that I share my thoughts on the Oil of the Month.Stress Away

This month, we enjoyed using Stress Away.  The oil has a lovely scent which is very relaxing.

The big question is, did it work?

I wish I could answer that with a positive YES, but just like my experience with Joy (which I now love using as a perfume) I really can’t say.  I promise to be honest here, and although I did use the oil almost everyday, and I did enjoy the scent and found it relaxing, I can’t tell you definitively that it reduced my stress levels.

This was a very busy and stressful month – school started for the kids, we had several evenings where we had multiple sports practices, homework and visitors, and I have been having computer issues with BOTH my laptops (one actually has been shipped off for repair)!  Even with all that, I haven’t felt particularly stressed out.

But, is it the oil?  Or is it something else (yoga, exercise, eating well, enjoying life?).

Who knows.

For me, I’ll continue to use it (I have it in my office sitting beside my computer) because I like the scent, and perhaps it is doing me some good – it certainly can’t hurt!

I’d love to hear others experiences with this oil – did you notice a difference when you used it?  Or was your test (like mine) inconclusive?

Next month we are exploring one of my FAVORITE oils – Peppermint.  It’s one I keep in my purse and enjoy almost every day – I LOVE this one and have found it extremely useful.  So, if you are curious at all about essential oils – it’s a terrific one to start with.  Like Lavender and Lemon, it has dozens of helpful uses and if you decide to join me next month, I suspect you’ll find yourself reaching for that bottle over and over!

Want to purchase a bottle and join us?  You can buy it HERE and make sure to check out the Oil of the Month Club page for all the details!


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